Here's some neato links!!!

Ferret CentralFerret Central is a really cool place with lotsa links to other really cool places!!

Ferret Central FAQ Go here to find out more 'bout ferrets. This is Ferret Central's FAQ, and you can also sign up for the Ferret Mailing List! That's where I met Da Dodge and lotsa other neat ferrets and peepleses!!

Modern Ferret is a really cool magazine put together by two peepleses and their fuzzies! It's cool!!!

Check out the Pet of the Day, and even noniminate your own pet!!

Meet Pixie's Frends!!

Dodger's Mom, Melissa, gots her own web page!

Tater and Odie are two "Snow Weasels" who live in Wisconsin! Check out their home page!!!

The Fur Angel's Place: Ferrets, Kitty Cats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits, OH MY!

Not Wild, Just Crazy is a weekly comic strip featchuring three cool fuzzies: Roxy, Mac, and Tosha. My Mommy says its Really funny. Pixie just thinks its really true!!!

Warning!! These pages are filled with top-secret ferret-type stuff!! NO PEEPLESES ALLOWED!!!!!

Weezil Pages of Doom!!

F.L.O. Command Center

These are two great references for the fight for Ferret rule of the Erth!!!

Email Me!

Pixie's Home Page

A.J.'s Ferret Animated Gifs

Ferret Backgrounds by Debbie Backgrounds by Corrie

The Michi-Web Midi Archive

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