Welcome to Our Home!! We are three Cats that have got on to have fun and try to make our page Wonderful!!

Cats Rule always!!!

Here are our picfures!! Aren't we just adorable little kitties? We are active memfurs of CLAW!! Yeppers,Love CLAW so much!! Hehe!! Please take some time to look though our pages and ask us any questions mew might see mew have!! Also, Please take a wonderul look at us in our wonderful clothing! We cant be more adorable!

We are active in CLAW!! Below is the banners of some positions we hold!

Ringtail ( Historical Society), Sheba and Blessed ( Philosophers Stone), Zack (Athletes andSports Fans Of CLAW)

Sheba was elected to this office!!

We play on powerpets!!!
Power Pets - The Greatest Virtual World site on the Internet!

Links to other sites on the Web

Zack's Page!! (Zack has gone to the Rainbow Bridge -- We will miss him)
Blessed's Page!!
Sheba's Page!! Sheba has gone to the Rainbow Bridge :( We will miss her.
Ringtail's Page!!! Ringtail has gone to the Rainbow Bridge :( We will miss her.

Our Wedwink
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