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My first diploma that I earned! I am proud to be a CLAW Memfur!! Where at least I know I rule with my Siblings!! We rule with all of our heart, soul, and Minds!! We are number one over everyone!! We are trully The Rulers of all!!!

I was Valebictorian in the April 1999 graduation at CLAW! Below is some of my memories from this happy event in my life!
April 1999, CLAW University Graduation


I also gave this speech:
Rawr rawr Merawr Fellow Siblings! We gather here today to proclaim the victories and successes that each of us have accomplished. It was not easy for each of us to achieve our goals but today we stand before everyone in our robes to proclaim our victories! Now we go forth as our ancestors did many years ago to rule and dominate all of the world and proclaim the best achievements are yet to come. We will make CLAW and the University great for tomorrows kittys that are yet to come! My sefer, Sheba, and Brefer, Blessed, are the ones that encouraged me to take the risk and do my best for everything that I do can only benifit CLAW and make CLAW a better place for everyone, if I trully believe in what I am doing. If what mew dream mew strive for, then mewr dreams will become a reality! " If it is to be it is, it is up to me." Is the best motto that every kitty can have and if mew believe in it, then mewr actions and goals can be a reality. Finally, I would like to thank Rhett Kincaid Butler, Queen Midnight, Penny, Nicholos, and every professor and teacher for all they do in CLAW. What they do for CLAW is what makes CLAW all that it is! They have made CLAW a great place for all kittys and it will continue to grow and become better as we all put forth our best efforts to make CLAW the best! Here is the a flower with CLAWs name on it for all memfers to leave with mew the thought, " That if it is to be, it is up to me!"
Other diplomas that I have earned from the University!

Other Awards:

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