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***Please pardon the dust...I am still working on the site...
Hi All! My main goal in these pages is to provide a place where one can go to get info on caring for different kinds of "herps"; I will have either written info or links to where you can find the info you need. I will also include scanned photos of some of my critters, in jpeg or gif format, as well as interesting photos from other sources(who will be fully credited, of course!) ALL material here is copywrited and if you wish to use an image, please include a reference as to whose it is...

In addition to herpetology and herpetoculture, my interests are reading(sci-fi/fantasy), skin/scuba diving, nature hiking, biking, aquarium keeping(both fresh and saltwater), gardening, and cooking. In "real life" I am a microbiologist, working with CDC(Centers for Disease Control)'s Dengue Branch, San Juan Laboratories, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I mainly do tissue-culture isolation of Dengue(pronounced DEN-gee)virus from acute phase(0-5 days post-onset of symptoms) patient sera; also known as "breakbone fever", because of the sometimes excruciating joint pain this disease causes in some people, Dengue fever is a tropical disease transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. For more info on Dengue fever you can go to CDC's home page, CDC.gov, and search under the word "dengue".


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