"Guess Who?"

Thanks, Zen

July 29,2004
Listen, to the
whispers of the ocean

~ Aloha ~
My name is Sharon, and I
live on the Beautiful
island of Maui
with my "Wonderful" husband,
two dog's, Bo and Annie
and a bird named Kirby.

I can't ever imagine
living anywhere else,
as Maui is a magical place
filled with so much love,
beauty and an aloha spirit,
that truly blesses
this island called

When trying to decide
on a theme for my home page,
I couldn't decide on animals
or the beach as they both
are very dear to my heart.

I therefore came up
with the idea of incorporating
the two of them,
thus creating...

~ my "lil" grass shack ~
"Barney Boo"
"Our new puppy"
We lost Bo & Annie in July and August of 2007. We miss them so very much;-( as they brought so much joy to our lives and will be in our hearts forever...;-)