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About Kat
Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kat, a recent graduate of Carleton College in Minnesota (I prefer to be called Kat the Mind Ventura). I majored in Sociology &
Anthropology, and wrote my senior thesis on hierarchy systems in a youth subculture. I went to raves, I got a diploma - now that's an education!
I'm an Indiana native, but I now live in our fair city of Boston. To earn ferret money, I work for Decision Resources, a health care consulting company. My
group's product is a collection of market analysis portfolios, forecasting changes in the pharmaceutical therapy of specific diseases. The practical applications of science are of major interest to me.
My non-ferret interests are pretty varied. I'm a closet raver, because I'm getting too old and too J. Crew to really call myself a raver anymore. *sniff* Pharmaceuticals and the related industry are of interest to me because of my job, as well as my science geek tendencies. I'm a vicarious architecture student, mainly because of Jed; and I'm an anti-art-historian, mostly to irritate my three art historian roommates. Rounding out the list: Hondas (can't wait for the electric hybrid!), electronic music (jungle, speed garage), pets, Boston, travel (I speak German; like to make fun of the French), and anything sugary (serious candy fetish).
My only current pet is a fat feisty African Clawed Frog, Rana. It used to be two frogs, but Astra made an unfortunate journey out of her tank and dried up under my furniture. I got the ACFs from the Grow-a-Frog people in Florida. Fluffy's Frog Pond is a hilarious site dedicated to Fluffy the ACF.
If you'd like to chat, comment, or flame, please email me at Hotmail or at my brother's server. I'm also on AOL's Instant Messenger as KatN1977. Peace.