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Ferret Advice
DISCLAIMER: I am not a vet, a breeder, or anything other than a ferret enthusiast! The information provided here is collected from personal experience and other ferret owners. It is not intended to be expert advice. For any medical concerns, please contact a vet!
I need your input!
This page is dedicated to the advice and anecdotes of other ferret people. Which means I need your input!

If you have any tips or tricks you've learned for ferret care;
If your fuzzbutt has done something goofy lately;
If you found a product that makes ferrets' lives better/safer/more fun;

Then please
email me, or go to this form, and let me know! You will be credited for your stories & advice, unless you prefer to remain anonymous - I'm thinking Californians here.
From mustals@lineone.net :

My ferrets recently had kits 13/5/99 and I was worried about Musty the male finding them as Jenny was moving them all over, even into my bed at four in the morning (a very dodgy way to wake up). When he did track them down at about one week old he just joined Jenny in cleaning them.
I wonder if this is unusual for a hob. When then were being born he did bring the first one over to me and dropped it at my feet. I think Jenny was a bit confused at the time as it was her first time.