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Eliv Glette - 11/03/00 18:09:01
My URL:http://www.topcities.com/Personal/eldog
My Email:toy_fozzies@c2i.net
My country: Norway

Hello Denny and your family. Thank you for your mail which I will answer more privately later. I have been on your homepage earlyer and sing your guestbook whitout realy know who own it. Yes 11 years are a long time but you have used this years very well and got a lot of beautiful, lovely hav. I look forevard to se this video. Thank you. Your friend Eliv

Marjatta Toivonen - 10/09/00 19:29:10
My Email:marjatta.toivonen@pp.inet.fi
My country: Finland
My pets: 2 havanese girls

Lovely pictures, reminds me of my trip to Cuba years ago when I didn't know anything about the havanese breed. What a waste!

Ann-Britt - 06/05/00 16:54:11
My URL:http://home.swipnet.se/shiras
My country: Sweden

HI! I m a swidish havanaisbreeder i really like your page.

Gaia Fantechi - 04/13/00 10:50:09
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/mistylakecotons/index.html
My Email:mistylake@eudoramail.com
My country: Italia !!!!
My pets: Coton de Tulear

Ciao ! Complimenti per il sito e tutte le utili ed interessanti informazioni. Adoro i Bichon Havanesi, sono simili ai miei Coton !

Maria Salamon - 04/05/00 19:49:49
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~salamon2/index.html
My Email:salaria@mail.matav.hu
My country: Hungary

You have a very nice page and beautiful dogs.Greetings from Hungary. Maria

gloria - 02/14/00 09:09:38
My Email:zelda.rampa@flashnet,it
My country: italy
My pets: cosimo

Non riesco a comunicare con te. Hai ricevuto il mio email. Io ho perso nei meandri del computer il tuo. Fatti via. Gloria

Sr Pauline Quinn - 02/11/00 16:42:11
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/sisterop
My Email:sisterop@ime.net
My country: USA
My pets: Pax the Peacemaker

Great seeing your site. I wish you much success.. Peace and Blessings...

Lolo Galindo - 10/08/99 23:32:36
My Email:Lolailo@distrito.com
My country: España
My pets: Oye Chico Flor de Cuba

Tu me has invitado a tu página y yo he venido. Me ha gustado mucho, es más fácil para mí leer en italiano que en inglés. Es maravilloso conocer a personas de todo el mundo con las mismas aficiones. Dentro de poco yo también haré mi página y podré invitarte a verla. Un cordial saludo. Lolo

Viviana - 10/04/99 16:53:11
My URL:http://www.perrosargentinos.com.ar/summerhill
My Email:nabiasnealon@datamarkets.com.ar
My country: Argentina
My pets: labradors

Wow! What a lovely page you have! Loved your dogs and recipes :o) Greetings from Argentina. Arrivederci!

meta - 08/01/99 22:21:40
My Email:sweet.honesty@worldonline.nl

Hoi,Denny,I'm in internetworld too and like to see your nice homepage.keep on going!

meta - 08/01/99 22:16:19


Patricia McRae - 07/03/99 13:05:26
My URL:http://www.abecentral.com/havanese
My Email:ahavapicaro@yahoo.com
My country: USA
My pets: Havanese and Tibetan Terriers

Congratulations of an amazingly beautiful and informative site! Your dogs are lovely! Please check out The Havanese Resource Page at www.abecentral.com/havanese. It was created as an educational site about the havanese. Patricia

Susana Hernandez - 06/09/99 05:04:41
My URL:http://www.perrosargentinos.com.ar/thehouse
My Email:the_house@ciudad.com.ar
My country: Argentina
My pets: Boxers & French Bulldog

Hello, You have a very nice page and beautiful dogs.I really enjoyed my visit.Great pictures. Greetings from Argentine. Kennel The House Boxers & French Bulldog

Tie Bowle - 05/28/99 23:49:19

Gloria Sapio - 05/07/99 15:16:52
My Email:zelda.rampa@flashnet.it
My country: Italy
My pets: 4 gatti ma non più un cane

Finalmente un sito Italiano. Peccato non sia specificato il Vostro indirizzo.

Stefan Harde - 04/05/99 10:10:27
My URL:http://www.hardy-flap.nu
My Email:info@hardy-flap.nu
My country: Sweden
My pets: Bichon Frisé

Hi nice homepage. Intereseting links. Nice photos, I thought it were nice that you had a picyure of the first havanese champion. Good luck in the show ring with your dogs. Stefan Harde

Suzanne - 03/12/99 22:46:13
My URL:http://www.icenter.net/~mckay55/
My Email:mckay55@icenter.net
My country: Canada
My pets: 2 Havanese

Greetings from Canda. I very much enjoyed visiting your pages and meeting your special furry little ones, especially all the wonderful photos. It is always nice to meet other Havanese around the world. From my house to yours; Woofs, Wiggles and Wags from Mitzi and Rags

Eliv Glette - 03/03/99 01:54:43
My URL:http://home.sol.no/~eglette/index.htm
My Email:elglet@online.no
My country: Norway
My pets: Bichon Havanais Bolognese, Bichon Frise

I enjoy loocking at your Havanais and will come back and loock for more. I be patient, I know it is a lot of work becouse I am bilding my own homepage. Regards Eliv Glette

Sabine Steinmann - 02/05/99 01:55:40
My URL:http://home.t-online.de/home/Sabine.Steinmann/hompage.htm
My Email:Sabine Steinmann@t-online.de
My country: Germany
My pets: Havaneser

Very nice website and beautiful Havaneser I enyoyed it Greetings from Sabine

Sandra Block - 01/31/99 11:02:46
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Ranch/2639
My Email:sandrablock@iname.com
My country: Germany
My pets: Bolognese and Havanese



Nice havanese dogs you have! Bye and many greetings from Germany.....Sandra and her doggie family!

Angela Starke - 01/30/99 20:45:10
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/heartland/lane/5500
My Email:Angela.Starke@t-online.de
My country: Germany
My pets: Havanese

Hallo! Congratulations to your interesting homepage! Best regards from Germany. Angela & My Charming Havanese

Gaby Fell - 01/20/99 06:51:05
My URL:http://members.aol.com/FellLorenz/welcome.html
My Email:FellLorenz@aol.com
My country: Germany
My pets: Bichon Havanais

Hi there!Nice web page, great looking havanese dogs.I will be back for many more visits.We are havanese kennel in Germany named "Capricho del Cielo".Greeting,Gaby and the havanese.

Hilda Otegui - 01/12/99 07:17:39
My URL:http://www.hilda.com.ar
My Email:hilda@hilda.com.ar
My country: Argentina
My pets: Cresties, Yorkies & Shar-Pei

What a wonderful job,Alice !!!!!

Yorkshire Terrier
Chinese Crested

Chinese Shar-Pei
Bred with Love
belongs to Hilda & Eduardo Percossi
Click Here to go to our home page
Email us at:
Eduardo or Hilda

Alice & Vittoria - 01/07/99 16:45:04
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Plains/9985/
My Email:caraceni@iname.com
My country: Italy
My pets: Penny Cookie Justine Piccolina Kim

Hallo Denny! Nice page! ;-)

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