My help to whelp my Havaneses:

... not only for Havaneses

"WHY? Because if the people who care won't help, then who will?" Carla Timmins

Help the process of whelping is one of the more involving experience an human can make with his bitch. Too many times, in my opinion, newborns are lost because ignoring simple attentions and acts we Shall Do. The 'help to whelp' is a complex, intriguing, and above all essential thing.

Some years have passed since my first experience of help to whelp. The so called "natural selection", that is "let the nature do her work", has many fans. Many statistics talk of death rate in newborns of almost 33%.
Many of you, visiting this page, are sure more skilled and informed than me, but I hope that this little guide can be useful for some one.
To save a puppy sometimes it's enough to know simple things to do, with much love and care.
I hope I can often update this guide, adding more and more useful things about this issue.


...Arthur is a very beautiful, happy and ALIVE havanese!