Cat Issues

"The day will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals the way they now look upon the murder of men." Leonardo Da Vinci

I grieved and cried for many weeks for Mouser, my best friend. And if there is a lesson to this grief, it would be this, I must tell you: It is not an intangible thing we are removing from our midst when we kill the millions of dogs and cats every year in animal shelters across the country. It isn’t a single ID number or a solitary statistic that dies when the light in a single cat’s eyes dies. When we kill a million dogs and cats, we’re killing a million lives who could touch us and heal us and bring us the kind of joy and warmth and peace in ways our fellow humans cannot. We’re robbing a million beings of a million rays of sunlight, a million memories, a million heartbeats, a million lights of life.
We’re killing a million Mousers.
And it was Mouser, after all, who taught me: Boldness has more to offer than fear. Life has more to offer than death.
That shelter kitten is waiting for you. Go.

~ Laura A. Moretti, “The Mouser-Cat”, from Cat Caught My Heart, by Michael Cappuzzo and Teresa B. Capuzzo

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