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Pictures and Such
Pictures, other pages on my web site.

Favorite Links
Sites or Chat rooms where you'll find me.

Some poems I have collected,
Poems that make me FEEL.

Newest Pictures
Our girls together in their newest pictures.

Ellis Jaden
Oldest Boy

Destinee Desiree
Our middle child.

Our oldest girl

Take a look at me from newborn to now.

Cami & her pets
Cami and a few of her animal friends.

You aren't bored enough already? Go see our other babies.

Our home
Finally pictures of our home.
Someone else had pictures of their home on their page
and I have wanted pictures of ours up ever since

Organic Gardening
My new home on the net.

Kids sites

The best place to chat

Browning Home Page
Our local town's home page

Great email card links
most of them free

Cami's favorite place on the web.

Other Homepages I have Created

SchoolAge Parenting
Lara's Hompage
crw_mom's Hompage

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