Whelped: July 3, 1993

(SBIS Am. Can. Ch. Clarinda Sunna Sarea Bashir ex Can. Am. Ch. Windstorm Melik Gillian)

BISS SCOA Eastern Regional Specialty 1998
Best In Sweeps - SCOA National 1994 from 9 - 12 month class
Best Puppy In Specialty - SCOC National 1994
Best Puppy in Show - Ontario Sighthound Association Specialty Show 1994
2 Best Puppy in Group
WB Empire Saluki Club Supported Entry, 1994
WB San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty, 1996
WB ASA Medallion Support, Michigan 1996
Multiple Breed Wins
Multiple Group Placements
Multiple Group Winner
Best of all, Lucky has our hearts and when she is away at shows we all miss her terribly. She is our Lucky Lady. She is wonderful to travel with. She is all Saluki - a snob, a princess and a real clown and the ultimate pillow thief.

Lucky's most exciting Best in Show was the one where Starr handled her
herself. This was Best in Show at the Thousand Islands Kennel Club Show in
August of 1997. Lucky was usually with a handler so that she could attend
more shows than Randy and Starr would be able to take her to themselves.




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