Randy, Starr and Lucky

Madrigal, Keean, Trella and Zrria

Randy and Starr started with Salukis in 1974. Since we have had Salukis we have added four children to our family,
Keean, Zrria, Madrigal and Trella and several horses. Starr is enchanted with Icelandic Horses...

Starr's Ljufur

...while the rest of the family all show
hunters and jumpers.

13 yr. old son Keean on
"Pippin" at the 1996
Royal Winter Fair

Keean and Zack

Madrigal, Pippin and Jill

Our salukis must fit into a very busy household, always coming and going, with children, family and friends in and out of the house.
We breed for temperament first and foremost. A Saluki with a bad temperament is not a Saluki. Salukis should be adaptable. A Saluki should be able to live a nomadic life, a city life or a country life. A Saluki should be able to weather the good and the bad times with its owner and potential Saluki owners should realize that a Saluki would rather weather the bad times with you than be re-located into another home. A Saluki should be able to walk down a city street, through a shopping mall, down a country lane (on leash of course) or run loose in the woods and fields and still be a well behaved citizen. A Saluki should accept your friends and watch your enemies.

In our first 10 years of Salukis we watched and learned and made some mistakes. At the end of 10 years (1984) we had some dogs that, although quite sound, were not as sound as we wanted or as pretty as we wanted. We began the search for the right stud dog for An and chose Bachrach. He was dog that we had always admired for his soundness and temperament and type. Our litter from this breeding was very exciting and everything we now have stems from this breeding. We had our first really good show dog (Demetra) who was sane, sound and pretty and won under breeders and all round judges alike.

She was linebred back to An's side of the family. This litter (Gillian) was born 9 days after our daughter Madrigal. We had firmly established the type and soundness we desired. We had a very sound, very sane bitch who was also pretty. We wanted to maintain those qualities and still go on. Perhaps a little better side gait, perhaps a little more glamour. We finally decided upon Bashir for Gillian. 3 puppies from that litter were shown. Lucky is a dream come true, Mary Jane Helder would say the same of Lyric. Gillian was bred to Bashir a second time, we wanted an available male (Bev Griffith's Maestro), Susan McGregor Konopa wanted a bitch (Mieko), and Katie Howell wanted a bitch (Montague).

December of 1995 we lost a very special bitch, Can. Am. Ch. Windstorm Kheli-An. She was a very sound, functional Saluki and was well loved. Her death saw us with only two Salukis, Lucky and Gillian. Two is not enough. We decided to breed Gillian again. Again we could not look past Bashir. He had produced so well for us in two litters. We liked the temperament, the type and the soundness. What could we do. Since the second litter was only 3 puppies we thought maybe we would be lucky and have a small litter again. 4 puppies, 3 girls and 1 boy were born in May of 1996. We have Noah and Ny An'Ah from this litter. Noah is Windstorm No Regrets - we have no regrets in doing the breeding again.

We enjoy our Salukis, we enjoy living with them, we enjoy showing them, we enjoy watching them run and we especially enjoy the many friends that we have made around the world because of them. Our children's Godparents are people that we know because of our Salukis. Our Salukis and all the people involved with them are a very important part of our life.

Windstorm Salukis

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