Hello,  I am so glad you came to visit my cat page.
I hope together we can enjoy ourselves and I can provide you with some useful information on cat over-population and how cats can be your best - friend too.  They are truely one of  the greatest creatures ever created, I have 10 and
love everyone they all are so different in their personalities, but they all do have 2 things in common they all are independant and they all love tuna. 
Together, lets try to make a difference.
Did you know thousands of cats are euthanized every day at animal shelters. Things you can do to help: 
Spay and Neuter your cat and encourage others to do the same, if looking for a cat go to your local shelter, join organization to fight animal abuse and neglect.
Did you know a healthy well cared for house cat can live to be 20? 
Did you know that a cat can have 3 litters of kittens a year?
Did you know that declawing is the worest possible thing you could do to your cat?
Invest in a scratching post, your cat will love you for it, try cat nip, and toys .

 A Cats Prayer

My Cats Personal Pages

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Mister  - Fuzzy Butt  -  Puddy- Miss Kitty


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