Cold Weather Tips

Always check your pets water in freezing temperatures.

In extreme cold weather, bring your pets inside.

Provide fresh food and water daily.

Provide adequate shelter.
This means: shelter good enough to protect from all kinds of
weather elements.

If pets cannot be brought in check on them often during the day.

Provide:  straw, cedar chips, blankets or some kind of warmth
in their shelter.

Remember NEVER to use Hay in a dog house.

Give extra food and treats, it takes extra energy to keep warm.

Keep snow and ice shoveled away from pets quarters.

Check paws and pads for ice and salt damage.

Put up a shield over door of shelter to keep out
dangerous cold winds, rain, ice and snow.

Remember pets love to play with shinny things such as Christmas
ornaments and packages, these things can be very
dangerous to your pet.

Always remember our animals whom are in the wild
put out bird seed, and squirrel feed in bad cold weather.

Report any neglect or abuse to you local
Humane Society or Animal Protection Program.

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