I am so glad you came to visit.
These are some wonderful poems I have ran across over
the last several years.
Some of the authours have been nice enough to let me share
them with you
and some are unknown,  I hope they touch your life and
heart like they have mine.

 A Prayer for Animals

Am I Famous Now?

Animal Control Officer

A Poem for the Mixed Breed

You Know You Have a Big Dog When?

You Know You Are A Dog Person When?

Paw Prints In the Sand

I Found Your Dog Today

I Died Today

Doggie Proverbs

Dogs Live Here

Rescued Dog

Homeless Dog

God Created Kitty

10 Commandments from a Dog

If It Should Be

A Cats Prayer

Old Man and His Rottweiler

A Dog's Prayer

Prayer of A Stray

Just A Stock Dogs Story

We Have Rottweilers Now

Rottweiler Bylaws


Miss Belle

The Reason Why?

A Gift From God

A Special Place

Heaven's Gate

Would Jesus Own A Rottweiler?

Let Me Tell You Why?
Rottie Related

My Only Crime
Rottie Related

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

I Do the Wiggle Butt

A Rotten Christmas "Rottweiler Related"

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas at the Shelter