Jake, I wish our paths had crossed a long time ago.
You see I feel guilty, for the pain you have gone.
I knew we were bonded right from the start.
I just had no clue, it would end so short.
I knew you were a gem, a diamond in the ruff.
And you tried so very hard to be tuff.
Although you were, in your only weak way.
The disease was so bad, that you could not stay.
I knew in my heart how sick you were,
and I tried so hard to hide it, despite the words.
You fought and fought to gain your strength but
there is only so much, even a Rottie can withstand.
Your home is in heaven now, where
 you can run and play.  I bet your watching over all the
pups and kitties there.  I am sure they will let
you play ball and  you'll worry no more.
There will always be a hole in my heart
where you nudged.
I know if you were here, you would lick away my tears.
There is a cross in the yard that will stand forever,
Gypsy and I visit you together.
I know Heaven is lucky to have you there.
I can see you now, greeting everyone
and prancing around.
Jake I promise in your name.
There will be a Rottie pup saved for your sake

Jake was adopted by me On March 1, 2000.
He died in my arms on March 25,2000.
Jake was about 1 year old when I got him.
He spent 10 days in the hospital and died at home.
Jake was taken to early, but I am sure God had his
reason.  Please vaccinate your puppies.  Jake had
never had any shots.  I have came into contact with
thousands of dogs and cats, NEVER has one
ever touched my heart so quickly.  It was love
at first sight.  I will truly believe he came to me
before his last days to experience some freedom
and experiences.  We had some good times in the
few short weeks, enough to have to last a
lifetime.  Even though there is a hole in my
heart.  He is still there and I know it will mend
Jake would want it too.
I pray I never see another dog go through the pain
he did, to live.
Jake tried so hard.

Please Vaccinate your Pets
Against the Deadly Dog Diseases.

 This candle burns for Jake.
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