Hi, I am so glad you came in, to find out a little about me.  First of all let me start with I'm Vickie.  I live in Tennessee with my family.  My husband Dwayne, and 2 daughters Tiffany Carol and Ashley Nicole.  I am 39 years old, hehe and I am beginning to feel it.

I  believe in family, close friends and animals along with a whole lot of country living.  I think it is very important to work  hard, and enjoy life to the fullest.
I got married at a young age, I was one of those hard headed kids that wouldn't
listen.  So now, I am married again and every thing is good.  Every one should wait until they are older (don't you think?)

Well since you are here I will tell you what I do to eat, pay my bills and take care of my kids and pets.
I have had several jobs in my life, there is probably not much I haven't done.
I have worked in stores, factories, hospitals, Oh my dream was to be a Nurse or a Vet. Assistant  My favorite job was being manager of a Animal Shelter, I did that 5 years, I was also the Cruelty Investigator for the Humane Society here
in my area.  I loved working with the animals, even the bad stuff I had to do.  I just knew it had to be done.  I don't mind hard work and I was glad I could do it to help the animals.  I also enjoy helping people, when you deal with animals you have to deal with people.  I hope you go see all my babies I have adopted and rescued.  Well anyway, I am not there any more and that's a long story, neither one of us have time for.

Now, I work in law enforcement.  I really enjoy it.  I still help people.  Everybody needs to do work they like.  Life is to short, not to enjoy what you spend most of your life doing. WORKING!

Things I Love and Enjoy Most

I love to spend time with my family and good friends.
I love good food.

I love to relax and enjoy life,
especially setting on the porch or under the apple tree 

I love to go to the river, my dogs enjoy that too.

I love the sunny days and the rainy ones too.
I love to plant flowers and vegetables.
I love the morning glories and the sun flowers.

I love my dogs


     and other critters. 
I also love birds, weeping willow trees, bird houses.

 and rainbows. I can't leave out  small towns, country churches, antique
stores, grand ma's and grand pa's, babies and swimming holes. 


Things I believe In

Best Friends
Humane Treatment to People and Animals

Things I think I can't live with out

The Young and the Restless
Guiding Light
Telephones, and cat litter.


Some things I hope get better in time

Mental Health Issues
Mental Health Hospitals
Children Services
Animal Abuse is a felony (every where)
Animal Rights/Laws
Animal Shelters
Wages for the working people