Welcome to my pictures.  It has gotten, to the point, I had so many pictures,  I had to seperate them into pages.
It makes it alot easier to see, makes loading easier.  Plus you get to pick what you
want to see.  But don't miss any  ^..^

(also a sneak pic of Gidget my new Rott/Dobie mix rescue)

Lots of good Cocker Spaniel pics,,plus more Cockers 

All small dogs who live here
(Yorkie, Ratt Terrier, Peke, Poodle and More)

Big Dog Pics
All the big dog that live here
Blood hound, German Shepherd, Springer Spaniel, and Mix

Rescued Dogs I have placed or helped place into loving homes this year.

Lots of Kitties

Farm Critters
Pigs, Chickens, Cows and goats....Donkeys