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We will never forget.

Fight for Justice ! No tolerance for animal abuse !

This candle burns for all animals abused.




Remember Olivia,one of four cats lured into a yard,sprayed with hairspray, then set on fire.
She survived her ordeal only to die a few months later of heart failure.

Please visit this site and see how Sheba suffered, and why.


  A while back, a group of boys take 17 cats from Noah Ark, then set them fire to them.
Those boys don't deserve forgiveness.



Tuesday, February 23, 1999, a baby Siamese was brought to the Humane Society of Rock Island County in Milan, Illinois. It was said that she was the sole survivor of a litter that (allegedly) had been tortured and killed. (It was reported that one of the "lucky" ones had merely had its head crushed). The shelter staff named the surviving kitten Hope. When Hope arrived, she was blinded (severe eye damage), deaf, her ears and feet had been badly burned, her tail cut off, the tendons in her back leg had been cut, and she was suffering internal injuries.
On March 5, 1999, the alleged perpetrator, Robert Slavish, was arrested and charged with one count of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. This was a Class A Misdemeanor - Illinois does not classify animal abuse as a felony as some other states do. Mr. Slavish has claimed innocence in the case, saying that everything that happened to Hope was caused by a series of  "accidents"
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July 4th, holiday weekend in Saginaw, Michigan.One dear little german shepherd went through a horrible manner of death.

  Remember Dunkin, 2-month old kitten that was brutally tortured by a 13 and 15 year old boy in Atlanta. These boys actually poured gasoline on this tiny kitten and lit him on fire.Dunkin died.Don't let these boys go home free.They are monsters!

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