Welcome To
Gypsy's & Tiny's
Plus some NEW ones added

Please don't just take these awards, they are simple to receive.
My friend Tammy from Cocker Luv and  Rottie Mom
worked very hard on them.
E-Mail me and let me know  which one you
would like to receive and a little about your site.
To receive one of these
awards you site needs to:

  Love animals
 Have a good clean web-site
  Pet realted
  Promote spay/neuter
Promote Humane Treatment and Care
Believe in Helping Animals

then these awards are free
just e-mail me and tell me a little about your site.
I will look forward to hearing from you and I will
 link you to my site winners.

I am very proud of these awards and take them seriously.
Gypsy and Tiny do too!
We would love for you to sign our guest book.

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Loving Memory of Jake

Excellent Site Award

Gypsy " Make Me Smile Award"

Vickie's Caring for Animals Award

Tiny Bowled Over Site