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 The Cottage Residents­past & present

 Esther was a rare breed of literary rabbits­an accomplished writer who wrote on many topics of interest to critters and their humans under the pen name Hip Hop Reporter.

Esther has passed on to the Great Carrot Patch, for her very well deserved reward. But her memory lives on in her human's heart and her literary legacy.


Lilith & Eve arrived at Esther Bunny's Cottage on November 15, 1997, to take over the homestead and­like all red-blooded rabbits­see what mischief they could stir up. Quite a lot, as it turned out! Take a look for yourself.

Mickey was the next to hop onboard. Lilith, after a brierf mourning period for her sister, Eve, really sunk her teeth into the task of taking over the household­and frequently into Mickey's fur as well. Who knew such a diminutive bunny would transform into a little tyrant!? Mickey the Mild was forced to set up his separate bachelor pad with a sturdy metal fence to protect him from the fierce Lilith.

Bailey moved in afte Lilith passed on to the Great Carrot Patch, and life took a turn for the better for Mickey. After a somewhat confused courtship (and a traumatic move to a new house) the two bonded happily, though they still firmly believe whatever food or treat the other has is definitely better than what they got.

Moby nosed his way into the happy family in the summer of 2003. A survivor of a rabbit rescue gone bad, Moby was being fostered temporarily with a Rabbit Habit member, where I met him and instantly fell under his rougish spell. Moby has his own separate quarters, which he is in the process of systematically dismantling, bite by tasty bite.


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