This is my best friend Bleu. He's about 12 years old so he can be kind of grouchy. He's my Grandma's boy. My mom and dad found him on their doorstep one day in 1991 and took him in from the awful streets. He met Grandma and they've been inseparable ever since. We hit it off from the very beginning. I was just a baby when we met so he kind of pushed me around.  Now I'm bigger and heavier than he is so I can give him a run for his money.  But he just needs to give me a look or a silent meow and I know my place.  He likes to take the high ground when he's had enough of me.
Bleu sure looks silly in his Sherlock Holmes cap!
"Elementary, my dear Cooper"
Bleu gets in lots of trouble for sitting and digging around in Grandma's rose bushes!
This is Bleu in my tree. He doesn't like being on a harness and leash at all. We have a bunch of catnip growing by the garage that he loves to get into. Bleu is a catnip fiend!
Bleu is very inquisitive and quite an explorer. He's always looking for trouble! He never passes up an open door, closet or drawer.
I love the look on Bleu's face in this photo. Grandma had cut one of his claws down to the quick that day and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Mom and Grandma rushed him to the vet (it was a Saturday, of course). By the time they got there it had pretty much stopped bleeding but the vet bandaged his paw anyway. Grandma felt so bad for what she had done and Bleu was milking the situation for all he could. He was limping around and giving us "the look." He was something else! At one point he looked so pathetic that we went to loosen the bandage and it was barely on his paw. We just took it off and went about our day.
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