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I am almost 2 years old. I got my name because I love to terrorize my mom and my two dogs, Jem & Woofus. I love to sit on the kitchen chair and snag the dogs' hair as they walk by! Jem is the same size as me and we love to wrestle. I love to chase the laser and play with my mouse toy. Mom's furby is a bit of fun, too, when I can find it. I hate when my mom has to pick me up and hug me all the time because it doesn't look tough and cool (which I am). I love to sit on the garage and look like king of the neighborhood. (I am king, but I have to look the part!) My mom calls me Little Boy, Taz Kitty and Taz Baby. My dad calls me Flea Bag because he doesn't want my mom to know he really does like me.
Birthday: April 1st, 1990
Nicknames: Mommy's Guy, Fuzzhead, Doofus J, Baby Boy
Turn ons: nip, fresh cardboard to chew, my grey woobie, visits from my Grandma, pina coladas, whistling
Turn offs: tummy rubs, Monday, rainy days, dirty carpet
Talents: opens any door, prances to Wal-Mart commercials, chases cocker spaniel
Hi, my name is Noelle and I'm a year and a half. I have lived at my grandma's for the past year with my mom while my house was being built. I am starting to adjust to the new house. I like it out there because I am the baby and I get all of the attention there. They do, however, have a stupid dog named Tigger. Tigger is okay sometimes but he is generally an annoyance. I love my grandma and places to hide. The cutest thing I do is, at night, I will wake you up to lift the covers up to let me under them so I can sleep next to you.
My name is Blue. I'm almost 2 years old and I am part Russian Blue, hence the name. I was also given that name due to my owners' allegiance to Duke University. I'm an intelligent feline that will reach for the door knob when I want outside and open the kitchen cupboards at night when I'm hungry. When my owners forget how smart I am, I'll pull the metal drain out of the kitchen sink and throw it on the floor. In my spare time I like to roll on the concrete to scratch my back, watch birds, and watch the water of a flushing toilet swirl in the bowl. Because I'm concerned about my physique I also do sit-ups daily (pictured).
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