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My name is Cooper Sebastian. This is my first time trying my paw at this sort of thing. My Mom thinks I'm so cute that I ought to have my own web page.
I was born in August of 1995. My Mom was wonderful enough to go to the local Humane Society to look for me. I stood back while my other companions clamored around the front of the cage trying to get her attention. When I saw her it was love at first sight so I gave her the cutest look I could muster (being in my situation and all) and that was all it took.
I live in a big house with my Mom and Dad. I'm the only cat in the house right now so I'm really spoiled! My friend Bleu comes over and stays with us sometimes. I have to go outside on a harness and leash because my Mom doesn't want me to run away and get hurt. But I have a big yard to play in and I get around pretty good. Spring and summer are the best times outside because of all the action going on.
Coopie, Coopadoop, The Boy, Stinkerboy, Honeyboy, Stinkerdoodle, Doodlebug, Mr. Doodle,various remarks about my weight (ok, so I gained a little bit after I was neutered)
Favorite Food:
Beef, chicken, turkey, treats, ice cream, whipped cream, "secret" food, (no fish, please)
Favorite Toys:
laser pointer, fishing pole, birds, bugs, boxes, string, little rubber balls (especially on hard surfaces), pieces of vine or sticks (when I'm outside)
This is me sacked out on Bleu's couch after we opened our Christmas stockings.
Things I love:
sleeping, eating, scoring treats, watching birds and bugs, rolling around outside, playtime, sleeping under the covers, chin scratches, hanging out in the tree in the summer, "kneading" Mom in the mornings, "helping" Mom and Dad
Things I hate:
getting my teeth brushed (fish flavored toothpaste is not what it's cracked up to be), getting stuck in the tree, empty food bowl (even when I'm not hungry), going to the vet (that's a given)
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