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Happy Fall!

Hi! Glad you stopped by.
There are many interesting links to a variety of
places, including pets and recipes.
So relax and enjoy.
Lainey's Page is back on line and is being
updated after four years of no computer.
Many links don't work because the pages
were linked to my Domain.
I'm going to begin to get this back in shape.



Help me in the Race to Save the Big Cats, the Rainforest
and Feed the Hungry

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The Hunger Site


The Mage from The Wizards Quest
sent this award. Thank You :)

Thank you, Lady Madona

Chalice from Madona

Homesteaders Choice Award


I'm very proud of
this award.

Thank you Reba. This means
so much to me

Isn't this grand?
Thank you, Misker.

A lovely surprise
Thank you, Diane.

The music here is Dreams

I believe in Faeries

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