My name is CHATTY!

I am the "good looking one" of my family.
Around here I am known as the

I watch for birds, squirrels,
and any other foreign critters
(2 legged or 4 legged)
that might meander onto our domain.

I like to lay in the sun and watch the flowers grow.

I live with my brother Pugly

Has anyone told you what "Pugly" means? Well let me be the first!

My sister Tazzi lives here too.

In memory of my Mama Nikki. She lived next door and came over every day to play!

Just some Christmas photo's from 1999

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You might find a new graphic or a new midi tune.

Well I am going to go do what I do best!
Eat something and take a long nap in the sun!
Ya'll come back and sit a spell when ya can!

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