In Memory Of Our MaMa NIKKI

1993 - 2001

This page is for the memory of our MA-MA Nikki.

Mama was adopted a few years ago by my humans children. She came from
North Carolina.
She liked to play, eat, sleep,
and eat some more.
Her human's nicknamed her "pic-nic" because she turned every thing into one.

She was ready to be a Mom the day She got to Tennessee.

She was the proud mother of

Tazzi, Chat-Chat. and me, Pugly,

You can visit us by clicking on our photo.

MaMa lived next door to us
and came over to play with us everyday.
She was just a "puppy" herself so she enjoyed playtime alot.
She could still scold us when we were bad!
That was no easy task because the we were much bigger than she was.

Just like us she loved the camera

and would pose every chance she got.

She could still romp and play with us like a kid.
Sometimes she would spend the night with the us and we had a real slumber party.
You should have seen all of us in one house!
Almost wall to wall furry carpet.

If you like midi's,
you can listen to a few of MaMa's midi tunes by clicking here.MIDI's
If you don't have Crescendo you can get your player by clicking the link on the bottom of MaMA Nikki's midi page.

More Midi tunes are at
Mops and Pops Midi Chateau

Well time to go find the our human's and and cuddle. Come back and see us when you can, and bring some treats, maybe we can have a pic-nic in memory of MaMa Nikki

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