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Steve - 12/18/00 20:40:40
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You have a very nice site. Keep up the good work and visit my site when you have a second. Also...be sure to join my affiliate program and get a free link on my links page.

wendy meeks - 11/17/00 17:14:57
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Comments: in gods eyes all animals are sweet and good

I am here I have the space and I have the love. Consider me please for a good home for your bird. I can't afford the high prices for the birds in the stores but I can afford food and good medical care and most of all I can give he or she the love and att ntion needed for good long happy life

Dorothy Boring - 11/01/00 05:14:38
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Comments: Thank You For Sparky:)

Hi,,,To all Dedicated To saving lives,,, I wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to have "Sparky":) He was a little kitten when I first saw him there at your kennel.I wanted to take them all home but he reached out and he made eye contact lol My prayers are that every anim l finds such a home as "Sparky" did.He has a brother named Charlie:) anda sister named Joy:) It makes me happy to think that God was so good as to place me there that very day because Sparky would not have been there after the following day:( I want to t ll you that we love him very much and he is very spoiled with lots of love and attention:) God Bless you and do keep up the good work that you are doing for the City Of Virginia Beach! Very Truly Yours, Dorothy Boring Ms. Virginia Beach Woman 2000

William K. Crosby - 08/05/00 19:55:22
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Comments: Outstanding Site!!!!!!

This was an outstanding site, and very helpful!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! Thanks again.

Brian Wells - 06/11/00 16:57:55
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Comments: Looking for a Boston /T

This is a great site, I talked to a Female Officer that works there , and asked her if you guys get any Boston Terriers in she stated yes that some times you do in fact do . Well < I'm looking for a young one that can get used to Cats . I don't know if a dult Boston would attack them (cats) or not . I love my Cats . But, They make Lowsy Fishing buddies LOL If you find one E-mail me call 721-5676

Stacey - 04/30/00 15:57:17
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Comments: i love what you are doing to help these dogs and cats


Audrey - PCA Rescue - 04/25/00 15:34:06
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Comments: Thanks for helping our little ones!!!

Pekingese Club of America Rescue - will work with all in helping to place unwanted or strayed Pekes. Lately, we are getting more and more into our volunteer foster homes. I know this is true of all breeds -- Contact YOUR Breed Rescue organization and vo unteer to help -- they all need YOU as well as the ones who are already volunteering.

Vicki Goldrich - 04/13/00 00:32:26
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Comments: you are a god send

Kerri, you are so great to do this. Perhaps after the mayor's election we can go down there and talk to her/him. hoping its myra. when I offered Food to Donna at Animal Control..they said why give it to us the SPCA's need it more. Your tax dollars buy food. Now perhaps I should speak to Gene (can't remember his sir name..but he is in charge there...). You might want to contact Debbie Burroughs and tell her what you are doing to help. She also takes animals from Animal control and foster's them. She owns /runs Holly Ridge Pet motel: 426.6100. if you know her already... if not mention I suggested you call her. I being vicki goldrich w/ shar pei rescue. She will be at the K-9 Karnival this weekend at redwing park and so will we. I'd love to meet you and give you a hug.. My numbers are: h 491.1141/ fax 491..127 and work t,w,th 683.5691. so getting back to what they need ..who was the brave sole at Animal Control who revealed they needed something?? and if we bring it ..whose our contact?

Andre Plaut - 04/08/00 20:43:13
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Kerri, im trying to reach you Andre

Shi-Anne - 04/06/00 01:59:54
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hi my nameis Shi-Anne .I think your web site is nice Shi-Anne

Robyn Cochran - 03/10/00 15:43:28
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Comments: Thanks for this effort!


John - 03/01/00 12:31:40
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Comments: Great layout Kerri!

Well Kerri, I can see you're kept rather busy from the layout of this site. Do keep up the great work you're doing! It's a pleasure knowing you.

Donna Standin - 03/01/00 02:51:39
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Thanks for your website. Didn't know you adopted out animals! My family and I recently lost our little cocker spaniel mix after 8 yrs, and are looking to adopt another cocker mix. You will certainly be on our list of visitors when we're ready to adopt. br>
Steve - 02/24/00 18:29:33
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Just surfing and saw your site. Good Job!!!
Keep up the god work and take a look at my site.

Shannon Vaughan - 01/26/00 20:15:49
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I would like to personally thank you for this site it has helped. I have not had the time nor did I know where the VBAC was. I am looking for a pit bull adult. I would like for it to be housbroken and get along with small children I have a 4yr. old ste -daughter. She doesn't live with us but she does come and stay with us from time to time. So if you came keep me in mind if you see one. I like the brindles and it doesn't matter if it is male or female.

Alexandra - 01/19/00 04:04:49
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it's wonderful to know that there are so many pet lovers who care. please keep up the great work that you're doing and good luck to your shelter.

Joyce - 01/14/00 23:20:42
My Email:klinjoy@aol.com

Great job on this web site. Your efforts are truly commendable. I hope these animals find the homes and love they so need. Some of the photos are too blurry or unclear. I am sure you are working on this. (or maybe it is my old computer?) People will respond better to photos in which you can see just how wonderful these animals are. I am sure you are aware of that! Good, good luck to you and the animals! AND to EVERYONE: SPAY and NEUTER and DO NOT ABANDON your ANIMALS!!

Martha T. Fogelin - 01/09/00 18:32:19
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Comments: Excellent Web Page :-) !!!

I just want to let you know that I enjoyed your web site. It's excellent!!! If you would like to include our turtle and tortoise society and rescue/reptile in your Rescue Organizations. Then by all means, go right ahead. We would be honored. We take in turtles, tortoises, and various species of lizards ( especially bearded dragons ) Please keep up the excellent work that you are doing. Thank You Very Much for letting us know about the Savannah Monitor Lizard. We really do appreciate it. With Kindest Regards, Martha T. Fogelin Founder, President and Newsletter Editor Williamsburg Turtle and Tortoise Society and Rescue/Reptile Rescue Established January 1, 1995

Theresa Powell - 01/09/00 03:57:29
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I have always been interested in rescueing animals people seem to think they can get rid of or not take care of........there are so many. Unfortunately I have no land and lack of finances..it is a dream in which someday want to make a reality....I am pra ing for all strays and unwanted pets. God spoke them into existance..He loves them to...

Hulda - 01/07/00 16:03:08
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Nice page you have :)

The D@rkne$$ - 01/05/00 12:07:24
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Comments: Good site

I think it's great what you do for those helpless doggies out there !!!!! Keep up the great work Much greetings (to twilight and her whole crew if she has them) from The Darkness

The D@rkne$$ - 01/05/00 12:06:18
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My Email:guyver_@hotmail.com
Comments: Good site


Maureen Polsby - 01/04/00 14:36:52
My Email:mpolsby@aol.com

I am affiliated with Siberian husky rescue in the Wash., DC metro area. Let me know of available Siberians. We love and understand this breed and will find good homes for them.

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