The Fuzzy End of The Lollipop

You might be saying to yourself now that's an odd title for a webpage but in truth it is the only title that fits:)

You see several months ago I watched many of my friends online get very excited when they had aquired a new addition to their Beanie Baby collection. I would say "oh that's nice" or "how sweet" but I never understood what the big deal was. Then a friend of mine online sent me one of these adorable creatures to cheer me up. I placed him on a shelf and admired him but I was not hooked:) Then another one came and I thanked my friend and placed this Beanie alongside the other and still I was not hooked. One day I decided to count the Beanies that I had aquired and found that I had several and each new one was as precious as the others because they had been sent to me by someone who cared about me. These Beanies had been sent by a group of ladies called Lollipops. A group to which I am proud to say I belong. They have been my friends when I am down and when I am up and they have shared their passion for collecting with me as well as a friendship like no other.

So this collector's page is dedicated to you all
The Lollipops!

Thanks for sharing:)

To the Collection

The music you are listenting to is
"Tara's Theme"
The Theme to my other passion:)