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Welcome to .Gothic.Vanity. ver.2

I decided to change my layout yet agian cause I fell in love with this one. I'm not as much into anime as I am into beautiful photography and this just reminds me of a beautiful gothic rose. I had to use it.

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.Gothic.Angel. 2004

My Thoughts

    2004.8.2. Summer is almost gone and it will be time to start school. I'm so ready for it already! I'm ready tosee my friends and get to know new ones


    2004.8.2. I changed my layout yet again! I also got rid of a lot of pages I used to have cause there was no point in having them. If anyone has any ideas for pages I can add, let me know.

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AIM: allwillbesilence

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Thanks & Credits

    To my Sweetheart Bill for the wonderful turn you made my whole life do. Without you coming into my life I'd still be in the dark! To Talon for being there for me when ever I needed you. <3 you!!! Eric- you've changed me in ways I never knew possible. Ara for being a great friend and helping me through it all. TJ, your the best friend ever! MINDY! <3 you 2! Duaney boy, your awsome! Fly high pheonix! Sythe- You rock! Meow. Trish! <3 What would I do without you? I love ya to death girl and I'm glad you found your special someone. To Krisis, thanks for the friendship and the wonderful artwork critques. ^^ Sarah- my hero and the one to keep secrets. You know you mean a lot to me. Ae Rin, Ang, Angie, Laura, Susan, Erin, Becky- Thanks girls for being there for me. You mean so much to me! Leona- Girl you rock and I'm so glad you and Ben are forever :) Amber- I hope this year will be great as we get to know each other better! To all my other friends, I wuv you! To all that used to be my friends, I hate you but you helpped me learn who I am and helped me to grow.

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