I was born in Kutahya, a city of Turkey. After completing successful my primary, secondary and high school education, I took the highly competitive Turkish National exam. On the basis of this exam, I was accepted in 1996 into the Department of Agronomy in Faculty of Agriculture in Turkey. I did research and practice with my professors adaptation studying about wheat, cotton, corn plants during my university educational. From growing field plants by Professors and students of University. I have been marketing and exported  in different parts of  cities in Turkey. Professors and students display collective working be earned for University. I joined this collective studying for 3.5 years. Besides Agriculture productions I gained considerable marketing experience in this a short time.

        After my graduation as an Agriculture Engineer and gained some working experience in a important Agriculture group, I think is now, at 26 timely to start such a new stage in my professional education. I took courses in General Economy, Agriculture Economy, Statistic, Research and Test that give you a global outlook about general management. It was there that realized that what really excited me was business management.  I started working as the assistant of Agriculture Office in Canakkale city of Turkey. In this office my manager and I sold field seeds, fertilizer, agricultural medicines (chemical medicines) and agricultural devices and machine (plough, tractor tools etc.) for the Farmers of Canakkale city. My experience there was very enriching since I had to deal with a great variety of matters and, most importantly, I was always working with senior top managers. I can really state what I have learned most in this staff position was to set to know managers, how they perform and why they do things in one way and not otherwise.

        in January 2001 I came to Columbia, MO to attend business class at Columbia College. Also I have worked at Bradford Hayes Company since 2002 as a distributor coordinator. The company mission simply, sell the publications to some organizations in Columbia, to find customers and to create market for buyers. Since 2003 I have worked Vericommcorp Visa-Mastercard Procesing Company in Mid-Missouri- USA.

        I can clearly see, regarding my professional experience, that I have always been close to managers, watching them and influencing their decisions, and at the same time learning from them, although never taking full responsibility. I want to chance that now, want to be on a higher level, taking the final decision myself.

        I enjoy participating in activities out side my professional. I like reading, going to the movies and having my friends at home. I play soccer every weekend. I am a professional table tennis player I have played since I was 10 years old. Also I am developing a web page to publish my studies and network with other researches. I am also studying the Linux Operating System and trying to keep up with scientific journals and articles, especially about recent developments in Agriculture Economy.


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