Hi, and welcome to my web site.

20tth Jan 2009

Thought it was about time I updated this site, as I haven't touched it for a few months.

Me and Bel are once more an 'item'!!!!!
Even have the ring back on our fingers, yet living in seperate houses for the time being. (well, she's living in a 'bungalow' - I call it a garage - lol).

New links to the SWMGF and MGRegister days out.
My 'old' toy - BOB!!!!! was replaced, June 2007, by my little lovely camper 'MaiseyBus'!!!!
Updated news from me and my household, and...........
Even new picks coming soon of  the MaiseyBus..and my tour of lands end to john o'groats.
NEWS NEWS NEWS - Got a new Van, called...............BOB!!!!!!!! - links to come soon.
Also............more NEWS!!!!!!! - Check out

Keep popping back if the link yur looking for aint working or even to catch up with my ins'n'outs!!!!!

Cheers for now, Jay
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