Let's go back in time...
to the funky '70's!

My mom, in her younger days, acting like a retard.

My aunt Terri, using her head to hold down the pencil sharpener.

My dad.

My mom & dad right after they got married.

My Grandma Freda, Dad, Mom, Pop, and Grandpa Fred.

My Pop.

My dad & Sean when he was a baby.

Tricia & Sean.

Sean's 1st Christmas.

Sean's 1st Easter.

PJ & Sean.

PJ & Sean.

PJ & Sean.

Mom, Dad, Sean & I. Our 1st & only trip to Graceland. We never made it inside.

Sean & I.

My aunt Terri. Isn't she pretty.

My 1st birthday.

If it's my birthday, why does HE get a present?

Is that my 1st baby doll?

More of my 1st birthday.

And more.

And more.

And more.

Last one, I promise.

Sean & Uncle.


Uncle & me.

Me & Sean.

Poor Sean. The way he's dressed is bordering on child abuse.

This is me & Sean at Easter, I'm guessing 1979.

All pictures courtesy of Terri.