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Welcome to the site Phantasma built
If you want to make any sugestions e-mail me.
Well, some how you have stumbled accross my home page. Since you are here stay a while. If my site doesnt live up to your standards then e-mail me. I hope my site will come to be a very useful one.
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What is Phantasma?
Dragon Ball Z
Cheese_Center's Corner
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If you want to e-mail my Cuz (cheese_centers). Click here.
Gundam Wing
This is my cousins spot on my site. All is her ideas, if you want to know something about it. E-mail her at the bottom of this page. Enjoy.
Want to join mine and Lady Rainbow's club? The Ultimate All Anime Club
Tenchi Muyo
Sailor Moon
(work in progess)
This is some cool pictures some people at my club have. Tell them Hi when you see them
Anime Movies
I hope you will take the time to sign my Guest Book. I would love to know everyone that visited me.
If you haven't guessed already this is me in the background playing the Bass Interlude in Orion (download at Music link). Hope you like it. :-)
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