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Welcome To My AD&D Homepage!


Once upon a time, a long time ago (well, back in 1984) I used to write freelance for a number of role-playing magazines, notably the professional publications of White Dwarf and Imagine, and the amateur production of Demon's Drawl (later to be called Telegraph Road). I had a number of articles published (probably about 15). Now that these magazines can no longer be obtained, I have decided to reproduce these articles on my web page. I hope you die-hard AD&D fans will like them, and play the scenarios if you haven't already done so. I have also decided to include a full AD&D city which I once wrote for publication but never got published (damn shame because it's very long and would have made me some serious cash). In time, I will also be including my favorite Scenario of all time, Dark Tower, by Paul Jaquays, previously basic D&D but up rated for AD&D. I hope Paul won't mind!

Happy gaming!

Graeme Drysdale

  1. The Sahaughin Heel (AD&D scenario for levels 1-3) (WD)
  2. The Necklace of Brisingamen (AD&D scenario for levels 8-10) (WD)
  3. Ashes to Ashes - Resurrection in AD&D (WD)
  4. Mitra - a new god (Imagine)
  5. Majipoor Monsters - Stats for creatures from Lord Valentine's Castle (WD)
  6. Assassin's Guide to Poison (DD)
  7. The Rings of Alignment (WD)
  8. The Percentage Damage Rule - a new look at hits points in AD&D (DD)
  9. Ones are Bad!
  10. Al Rosstra - an AD&D City
  11. Dark Tower - by Paul Jaquays

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WD = White Dwarf; Imagine = Imagine Magazine; DD = Demon's Drawl Fanzine

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