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Phantomrun Kennels became established in 1991 with the purchase of our first malamutes. These were Ch. Barrenfield Patriot Missile and Ch. Kinartic's Sexy Madona. This was the beginning of our dream.
Our purpose and goals have remained in breeding the best possible malamutes and eskies that we can.
The BREED STANDARDS were set forth for the purpose of producing the best and most efficient dogs possible. We breed as best we can to EACH OF THESE STANDARDS.
With the malamute we are producing dogs of stable temperament, sound structure and overall good health. This has resulted in a complete outstanding breeding program. Our dogs abound in versatility, from Group placings in the show rings, working individuals on sled teams, certified St-John's Therapy dogs visiting the aged in Nursing Homes to all around general loving companions in selected homes with loving owners.
Our eskies have accomplished Best In Show wins all through the Rare Breed Clubs in Ontario. Although we do not breed often we are very proud of the sweet temperaments we have produced.We believe that temperament should be a priority in any breeding program. Therefore our purpose is to produce an entire BALANCED package BASED ON THE STANDARD....Good temperament, good structure, good movement and good health....YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER.
We have now produced our 4th generation of Certified hips(OVC) and clear eyes (Opthalmologist Tested). All our malamutes have their certification against dwarfism probabilities through the Alaskan Malamute CHONDORDYSPLASIA COMITTEE.
All our eskies have their eyes tested for PRA. Health is a major concern. Puppies are raised in a home environment, learning the new sites and sounds of everyday living.Should you be interested in a PHANTOMRUN PUPPY whether Malamute or Eskie, please feel free to contact us and lets get to know each other better.
Remember puppies will be a lifetime commitment,they will need time for training, time for socializing and time for loving. What time you yourself put into this puppy is what the rewards will be of owning a well brought up and socialized canine citizen.Dogs do not train themselves YOU DO!!!!& If you do not have the time for commitment...WAIT!!
If you are ready for commitment...WELCOME& TO PHATOMRUN KENNEL'S, come meet our family of furkids and enjoy our website.
Wanda Pepin
1274 Radar Road
Hanmer, ON
P3P 1R2