God loves you, whether you believe it or not.  He loves you and wants to give you Eternal Life in Heaven. All of these false ideas we've been fed for so long about God being some far out spirit, or a square, or very cruel, or just totally not interested in us, simply melt in the light of truth because God Himself made this gift of eternal life so free and easy to understand that anybody can have it.  But God cannot have relationships with sinners.  We are all sinners.   And we must be "made right" in order to get into Heaven.  Jesus tells us there is only one way to be "made right."   Jesus, the Son of God, said that we must be "born again" in order to go to Heaven.  This strange sounding requirement is so incredibly easy to accomplish that you will be thrilled by how easy it is to be saved..  All it requires is your "trust" in a promise that God extends to you, no matter who you are, where you are from, or how  bad you've been.  God loves you "now" and will accept you just the way you are.  You can have the gift of eternal life "now."
Sins (lies, stealing, fighting,  etc.) separate us from God because He is holy.  But because Jesus Christ paid for all of our sins on the cross and was raised from the grave three days after His death, we can be "made right" in God's eyes by simply trusting Jesus to be our Personal Savior.   Doing this allows us to escape God's future judgement upon people who reject His free gift.  God's promise  to us is "no Hell" if we place our trust in His Son to save us.  God's promise to us is very clear.  Look in
Romans 6:23:
"For the wages of sin is death ; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let me challenge your thinking about Death.  You are going to die.  God tells us it's appointed to each person a time to die and after that, there will be a "judgement".  Your spirit will live beyond your physical death.  How fearless are you really going to be when you know that you're about to die?   Do you really think you will breathe out your last breaths without considering Heaven?

No. No you're not. No you won't.   No matter how strong you think you are right now, you can just forget all about that so-called courage that you're assuming you'll have at the time of your death.   Do you really feel secure about your eternal destination at this moment?   If you begin to feel any alarm or trouble deep inside you about these questions, then you can be assured that it's because Jesus is trying to get your attention.  He wants you to escape the judgement that will one day come from Him upon all who refuse the Gift of Eternal Life that Jesus died to give to us.  Your own sins will convict you to a permanent death sentence, but God will not let your own sins convict you if you trust in His Son.  Jesus proved His love for you by paying the price for all the wrongs you and I have done when He died on the cross.  Jesus paid for all of it so we could go to Heaven when we die, instead of Hell, if we put our trust in Him to save us.  Do not resist or let escape this feeling you have, cause if you have a weird feeling now about all of this, that's good because He loves you and wants you to go to Heaven.  He wants you to be "born again" right now.  It's a one-time deal.
Romans 10:13 says, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

fter you realize that trusting Jesus as your personal savior is God's only way to Eternal Life, you then trust Jesus as your personal savior from the sins that He would hold against you in His court of justice.  You only have to believe that Jesus paid for your sins when He died on the cross, was buried, and then arose from the dead.

Your belief alone in what Christ did for you is all that He requires. Since He knows your thoughts already, He knows whether or not you have trusted Him for the gift of everlasting life. No "prayer of salvation" is necessary -- the prayer, such as the sinner's prayer which has been made so popular by today's apostate ministries will not save you because most tend to add works to the gift of salvation which renders it void. Asking Christ into your heart will not save you. Turning your life around and forsaking sins will not save you. Water baptism will not save you. Living the Christian life will not save you. Only your belief in His death, burial and resurrection will save you. Do you believe?

To make it firm in your mind you can tell Christ that you know you are a sinner and that you trust Him for the gift of eternal  life.  You could say,
"Jesus, I know I'm a sinner, but I trust that You paid for my sins in full when You died on the cross, that You were buried for three days, and that You came back from the dead so that I could have everlasting life."       The moment you do that God hears you and He saves you. 

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."   ( John 3:16 )

Did you trust Jesus to save you?  Congratulations!  You won't hear any bells, and you may not even feel very different.  Eternal Life is not a "feeling", it is a "promise."   If you've just now understood this simple thing and it's caused you to trust Jesus for your eternal life, then by God's Authority your eternal destiny has just changed.  You now have a home in Heaven waiting for you.  This is God's promise to you for placing your trust in His Son for your eternal life.  
Once you are saved, you are always saved.  You cannot lose your salvation, God does not give temporary life, only eternal life.  We must understand that we cannot save ourselves, and that Jesus Christ is God's only cure for our sin-condition.  It is so easy  to be born-again.  Remember,  Jesus paid your way, and you cannot add anything toward this gift except your trust.  We can't earn it, be good enough to get it, buy it, or even beg for it. We have to believe Him. Let me repeat - all we have to do to be born-again is to believe that Jesus died for our sins and that God raised Him from the dead as the only payment for our sins that He will accept. It is His pardon of our crimes.  Jesus will hear you when you tell Him that you trust Him,  and He will  save you     in that very instant. 

Look at what Jesus Himself said,  "
Truly, truly, I say unto you, he that believes on Me has everlasting life."    (John 6:47)  It has nothing to do with turning from sin or about living the Christian lifestyle. It's all about your trust in His promise.

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