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While slapping together "The Tori Spelling Zone," I shamelessly and with villainous intent swiped these and other Tori-related images from Jeri Lynn Zimmermann-Ryan's fan-tabulous, double-barreled web-Sight,

Mere words cannot express the depth of my shame and remorse. My reckless disregard for U.S. Copyright law fills me with a self-loathing I can scarcely describe.

But what's done is done, so by way of restitution, I figured that the least I could do is offer a great big sloppy-wet French link to Jeri Lynn Zimmermann-Ryan's fan-tabulous, double-barreled web-Sight,

Ms. Ryan (for the benefit of those of you who have trouble keeping up with popular culture) is currently a cast-member on UPN's STAR TREK: Voyager, the program that single-handedly keeps that sad excuse for a television network out of bankruptcy court.

For more than two seasons now, Jeri and her skin-tight, painted-on catsuit have transformed STAR TREK: Voyager from a mediocre, third-rate space opera into world-class, first-rate "Jiggle" TV in the same mold as Baywatch, Charlie's Angels, V.I.P. and Wonder Woman.

Even if you know nothing about
The Bustiferous Babe
From Borgsville
or STAR TREK in general, you owe it to yourself to check out Jeri Lynn Zimmermann-Ryan's fan-tabulous, double-barreled web-Sight,

So why the hell are you still here?

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