The Marcy Sternfeld Zone:
Lovingly dedicated to the
adorable (and adorably-neurotic)
caricature of the babe I love.

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Gossips like to maintain that Marcy got this great role on Grosse Pointe only because her uncle, Milton Sternfeld, is Vice Chairman for Special Projects at Time-Warner and takes an active interest in his niece's acting career -- a charge vehemently denied by Marcy. "I had to audition just like everybody else," she told E! News Daily. "Uncle Milty had nothing to do with it!"

Marcy has some credibility here. After all, this isn't her first TV job. Before Grosse Pointe, she had a supporting role on the ABC sit-com "Sabrina, the Teen-age Witch" (where she was credited as 'Lindsay Sloane' -- perhaps to avoid the sort of mean-spirited whispering she's having to contend with now).

Grosse Pointe, now sadly in limbo, might not be coming back. But pretty Marcy Sternfeld is here to stay... if only she can learn to overcome the insecurities that torment her.

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