Introducing the Ultimate Piece
(of home fitness equipment.)
Forget that Bow-flex, pal!

If you want to get rock-hard,
and stay that way...

Do it on a Tori-flex®!

"Give me a really good work-out, please.
I wanna get all hot and sticky.
Make me sweat."

The State-of-the-Art Features of your
Tori-flex® Home Fitness System Include:

  • Shapely, attractive profile
  • Solidly Built (like a brick you-know-what)
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design with plenty of cushion in all the right places!
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Light and Compact
  • Stores easily
  • Made in the U S A!
...and, best of all, your new Tori-flex® is completely self-lubricating. You may NEVER need to oil this baby! (Although you certainly can if you want to...)

The Tori-flex® Home Exercise System is one hot piece of fitness equipment that WON'T just sit around gathering dust! It's so much fun and such a pleasure to use we guarantee you'll want to climb on and "pump iron" for hours and hours every single day.

It's TORI-fic™!
(Especially when it wears its black leather pants and boots!)

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