Tori's (old) OFFICIAL Web-site

To be perfectly honest...this one is a little lame.

No, on second thought, make that: A lot lame! The lights are on, but nobody's home... Tori's OFFICIAL web-site has become a grave-site, dating back to (I'm guessing) sometime in 1996, and hardly touched since. Still, it is Tori's OFFICIAL web-site (I feel closer to her already, don't you?) and links is pretty cheap so I went ahead and throwed one in...

RATING: (out of 5)

NOTE:The only reason I'm giving it even half a star is that I'm sure Tori HTML'ed the whole thing herself. So it really isn't that awful, considering...

Looks like Tori's got a brand new

...and, hey! I kinda like it!

The Unofficial Tori Spelling Page

young_velvet's Home Page

The Unofficial Tori Spelling Page

Mostly a picture archive, and -- boy, howdy! -- does this guy (Donovan Rage -- obviously an assumed name!) ever have a boatload of 'em! Many (but not all) of the images found in

***The Tori Spelling Zone***

were unscrupulously lifted from this site! If you take your Tori flat, two-dimensional, and motionless (and, Holy Cow! who wouldn't?), plan on spending some time here!

RATING: 3 (out of 5)

The Tori Picture Page

noah_nc's Home Page

The Unofficial Tori Spelling Page

This is the picture archive from
young_velvet's Home Page mentioned above.
Chock full of Tori Spelling-ey goodness!


NOTE: We're all waiting for some new pictures, Bub! Get crackin'!

The Tori Spelling Network The Tori Spelling Network

The one-stop shop for all your Tori needs! The only thing missing from this otherwise excellent site is a link to

The Tori Spelling Zone

***The Tori Spelling Zone***

RATING: 3 (out of 5)

Rogue 13's Home Page


RATING: 1 (but only because I have such a big heart!)

Moe's Tori Spelling Page
(Not to be confused with Larry and Curly's Tori Spelling Pages...)

[Dead Link]

This page seems to be a goner...
Moe, if you're out there, let somebody know what's going on, O.K.?

The Tori Spelling galleries at

Just Pictures. Some are okay.

Another collection of pictures

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Doesn't anybody WRITE anymore?

Tori Spelling Gallery at

Yet still more pictures... We've seen most of them before.

The ToriShill Page at

SURPRISE!! A collection of pictures. The good news is that a bunch of them are new!

RATING: 3 (out of 5)

NOTE: A heart-felt tip of the ol' Web-spynnin' bonnet to D.R. at The Unofficial Tori Spelling Page ! Outstanding Link-work there, Donny! I never would have found this one without you!!

And, of course,
the Great Grand-daddy of 'em all!

*** The Tori Spelling Zone ***

Brilliantly conceived and magnificently executed, this flawless Work of Art deserves to be enshrined in the National Art Gallery or perhaps even the Louvre. At the very least, you could think about setting a bookmark, right?

RATING: 7 (out of 5)

NOTE: This abnormally-high rating is almost totally unrelated to the fact that it's my own Tori-adoration site,
The Tori Spelling Zone

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Text and original artwork Copyright MIM John E. Morrell. All rights reserved.