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Our prayer to the Human Beings of the world

    The deprived people of Bangladesh
We expect th people of the world to be with us to complete and run the project for the suffering humanity. We are desiring to establish a 250 beds charity hospital of different speciality(Cancer, Casualty, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology,Medicine,Surgery,Cardiology) near by Dhaka city in the rural area .   acid victim
We need all the modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of the patients of the proposed hospital. This hospital is directly for the poor innocent people of our country . We plan to make the hospital in such a way that the poor people will get treatment fully free. And rich people will pay economic way .   acid victim
The money collected from paying portion will be used only to run the hospital. Hospital will run no loss no profit basis. We repeat that it will be a charity hospital. But people will treat in such a way that they will think first of this hospital as if it is their home and last hope also.We confident that the hospital will be complete phase by phase we want to start. We will try to provide all the facilities available in the developed countries in this hospital with your help.   arsenic poisoning
We know that the task is big. But we are sure the Bangladeshi people will stand beside us. It is our Government's decision that any foreign donation must come through N.G.O Burue. Burue will decide whether donations are properly distributed to the right person or not. Moreover, we want to inform you that no charity hospital in Bangladesh, the poorest country of the world, though thousands in America, the richest.   child deaths

Can you help me? You can help me by any means.

You can come to my country to see and give the direction how to make it or even you just make a contact to other charity hospital. foundation or person.

Your encouraging letters are also helpful to us.
The People of Bangladesh will remain grateful to you to see your hand extended. We are waiting for your earliest reply.

Donor information

If you are interested to help this deprived and poor people of Bangladesh. there are many options through which you can help us one is directly you can donate fund or hospital instruments and accessories. Your donation will must come through N.G.O Bureau of Bangladesh.

Another way you can help us indirectly by using the service of a donor organization "Give without giving" and mentioning our id 1003 as we have teamed up with GiveWithoutGiving.org to make available common services that most of us use every day.

By subscribing to these services, GiveWithoutGiving.org will donate a percentage of our net monthly service usage to our organization in support of our ongoing efforts to help those in need.

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Please help.






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