Boy He's out of Date........
Welcome to our home on the web.
Here is where we will list our up-coming events, post some pictures and try to keep everyone in-touch no matter the distance.
If you’ve been waiting on the new site then let me apologize. But hey, it must be going to make huge waves if satan is going to expend that much effort to keep us down! But rest assured that I have read the Book…
and he’s not going to win the war.
Bro. Alan and some professionals have been working on giving the site a new look and have been hammering out detail after detail to get it just right. (He should have known that the devil is in the details…) But the site looks good and gives us a very tailored façade to show out there on the World Wide Web. It is very easy to navigate and the link page is a great launch pad to bigger and better sites. My hope is that it will grow into the tool it is meant to be and reach out, from or small little church, to people in our community, our state, our country, and across the globe! As we learn how to use this tool more effectively please bear with us and support our efforts with your prayers and expertise. One voice in a crowd can get other peoples attention, but to keep their attention and convey your message clearly and accurately, well sometimes that single voice will need all the help it can get. Can some body hand me a megaphone?
Our Mission
Simply put, our Mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world... beginning here, in our home town of Blanchard, Oklahoma, but not ending here. We will use the tools and talents that God has given us to spread the message. Our love for the Savior will be shown in the support and love we give to our family, friends and our community. It will extend to the farthest reaches of the Earth, through the support of our associations Missionaries. We will change the world for the better... even if it is only one life at a time.
go Lions !!!!!!!!!
And a big Blanchard Welcome to all those visiting us through the BMA of Oklahoma's website...
Some people have asked for a disclaimer here because they never know what is going to be posted next... So... I believe that it is safe to say that not all the views expressed on this website are those of the BMA of Oklahoma or even the Pastor in a few cases. And I don't think they (BMA of OK) are corporate sponsors of Famous Ray's World Tour either, as was erroneously reported by some.
...and Thanks Matt, you may soon regret it. (Should we have people send their complaints to your address?)
Contact Information
Pastor: David Pickard
Music Ministries: Tony Strickland
Youth Ministries: Alan Muehlenweg
Postal address
P O Box 238
Blanchard, OK 73010
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