Samantha Nicole Casey
born to Emma Nicole Lucia & Michael E. Casey
Sleeping Beauty
We found out that we were expecting Samantha on May 9, 1998 (the day before Mother's Day!). We were quite surprised!! We found a doctor, Dr. Vicki Heller, and we had an ultrasound at 8 week, where we got to see Sam's little flipper arms & legs. We took childbirth education classes at Brigham & Women's Hospital, where Sam was delivered.  Samantha's due date as January 8, 1999 (apparently no one told her that). She was ten days late, which meant Mike & I had to take the phone off the hook to avoid those "haven't you had that baby yet?" calls!
After she was overdue, Mike & I went for numerous walks in the cold & snow trying to kick start labor, to no avail. Finally, grocery shopping in StarMarket with our friend (& neighbor) Rebecca, Sam decided she wanted out!
We went to the hospital at 6pm Sunday night. When you couple a 10 pound baby with a 100 pound mama, you get a very, very difficult labor. After lots of screaming, crying, various slews of obscenities, & one wonderful epidural, Samantha Nicole came into the world. Her apgar was 2, 9, and she LOUDLY demanded to be put back immediately. She breastfeed like a pro, and we went home Wednesday, January 20.

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Weight: 10 lbs. 4 oz. Length: 22 inches Eyes: blue