1. It is the duty of every Filipino to respect, honor, and give due accord to his Filipino heritage, patrimony, values and tradition.

2. It is the duty of every Filipino to contribute to the development, welfare, and nation-building of its country.

3. It is the duty of every Filipino to engage in gainful work to assure himself and his family a life worthy of human dignity.

4. Loyalty to the federal republic and national consciousness, aspirations, and ideals shall be asked from every Filipino citizen.

5. Every Filipino citizen is asked to uphold this Constitution, obey the laws of the land, pay taxes and duties, and to cooperate with the duly constituted authorities in the attainment and preservation of a just and orderly society.

6. Every Filipino citizen must give due honor to the Philippine flag, National Anthem, Philippine President, and other national symbols and emblems.

7. It is the duty of every Filipino citizen to defend the national territory from aggressive invaders, protect the sovereignty of its people, and preserve the continuity of a just, humane society and government.

8. It is the duty of every Filipino to report to the proper authorities all plots of terrorism, plans of rebellion, subversion, or insurrection toward the duly and legally acknowledge government, and other acts that will compromise the union and sovereignty of the federal republic.

9. It is the obligation of every Filipino, to report corrupt, dishonest, or fraudulent government officials to the proper forum, courts and agencies. A Filipino shall not tempt or bribe government officials, steal from the coffers of the government, or escape or abandon his lawful responsibilities.

10. It is the responsibility of every Filipino to elect officials of government as a means of demonstrating his personal ideals and aspirations for the motherland. Omission or abstention from this responsibility may indicate a person’s renunciation of his right of suffrage. No fine or inappropriate or excessive penalty shall be asked from him as reparation for his choice not to vote. People, who lost their social right of suffrage, may reclaim such right in accordance of law.

An article on duties and obligations of Filipinos was present in the 1972 Constitution but absent in the 1987 Constitution.


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