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A poem by Naya Valdellon

A poem by Joel Toledo

Para Los Muertos

A poem by Joel H. Vega
The Fifth & Careful Season

A poem by Charles Pastrana Valle

A poem by John Oliver Ortega
Seven Ways of Looking at a Donut

A poem by Marjorie Evasco
Olango Island

A poem by Eric Gamalinda
The Map of Light

A poem by Karen Pioquinto
The Transit of Venus

A poem by Mila D. Aguilar
Samson and Delilah

A poem by Alfred A. Yuson
Empanada Royale

A poem by Christine Godinez-Ortega
The Hours

A poem by Gloria Garchitorena-Goloy

Six poems by Selina Alano
16 / Shedding / (     ) / a diminutive / That Mocks / Watermelon Fireworks

Five poems by Jun de la Rosa
The Strands of Your Hair in Yet Another Leap Year / Kay Tita na Isang Lesbyana / Dear Sophija (A Sister and a Mother) / Remainder / Leukemia and Cockroaches

Four poems by Nerissa del Carmen Guevara
27 / Beinte Siete / Dear Land Lady / Shanghai Love

A poem by Jose Marte Abueg
My name is Martel

A poem by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz
May Lungkot ang Ulan

A poem by Babeth Lolarga
Hard Lessons

A poem by  J. Neil C. Garcia
L'Ecriture Effeminine (Pop Version)

Three poems by Jose Garcia Villa
Now I Prize Yellow Strawberries / Inviting a Tiger for a Weekend / I Was Speaking of Oranges to a Lady

A poem by Roberto Ofanda Umil

Two poems by Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas
Fly-Over Country / To a Filipino Friend

Two poems by Mila D. Aguilar
Cracks in My Eyes / How many storms

A poem by Vladimeir Gonzales
Exhibit C: Sa Poetry Writing Workshop Class

A poem by Yol Jamendang

A poem by Carmelo Juinio
Short Hair

A poem by Ramil Digal Gulle
How to Lose a Poetry Competition

A poem by Ariel Dim. Borlongan
From Saudi with Love

A poem by Paolo Manalo
Super Idol

A poem by Jose Marte Abueg
Salamander: Ode to Old Nick

A poem by Amado Bajarias
Bring Me the Head of Tim Yap Superstar Columnist!

A poem by Hope S. Yu
The Spread of Blue

A poem by Genevieve Asenjo
Pula ang Kulay ng Text Message

Spoken word Pangasinan poetry by Sonny Villafania
5 Sonnets (mp3)

Two poems by Oscar Penaranda
The Fire Hydrant / Salinlahi / A Different Dreamer

Two poems by Luis Cabalquinto
Some Night / Night Gin

A spoken word poem by Jose Padua
New York (mp3)

A poem by Jose Padua
Pulp Fiction

A poem by Eileen Tabios
A Coagulation of Pixels

A poem by EJ C. Galang

Two Bikol poems by Kristian S. Cordero
Pisog Nin Pagkamoot / Sa Sarong Subdivision

A poem by Amador T. Daguio
A Professor of English Writes a Letter

A poem by Ricardo M. De Ungria
Commerce and the Man

A poem by Nick Joaquin
Six P.M.

Four poems by Naya Valdellon
Elegy For Randy Diaz / Taxi Music / Secondhand / Casualty

Three poems by Angelo V. Suarez
(theft) / quatrains for kit / juan de la cruz meditates on his idiomatic expressions in cubao a few years after the beginning of the new millennium

Seven poems by Papa Osmubal
Tagtuyot / Habilin ni Lapu-Lapu / Nang Sumabog ang Bulkang Itim sa Payatas / Daing ng Isang Pinay sa Macao, Timog Tsina / Sa Baybayin ng Hac Sa, Macao / Hangin / Amog

A poem by Jose Marte Abueg
Island man

A poem by Paolo Manalo

Three poems by Marne Kilates
Exile: A Dream / That Luna Woman / Tumbrel

A poem by  Sonny Villafania
sonito 135

A poem by Mark Gerard U. Rivera

A poem by Mila D. Aguilar

A poem by Joel Tan
Polyglot Confesses... Finalmente

A poem by Angelo V. Suarez
business affair

Two poems by Michael Balili
The Rape of Ganymede / They've Killed a Dog

A poem by Ernesto Superal Yee
Making the Sign

A poem by Jose F. Lacaba
Belated Elegy

A poem by Yevgeny Honrade
May Pahiyum Bisan Pa'g Nagkasakit Tungod sa Tugnaw nga Panahon

Two poems by Renato F. Gutierrez

Kanus-a Pa? / Akong mga Pangindahay sa Pagpanaw ni Jacob Michael Gutierrez

A poem by Angelo V. Suarez
Nameless Beerhouse Elegy

A poem by Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.
Bound for Saudi

A poem by Noel R. del Prado
Larong Bata

Seven poems by Albert B. Casuga

A Theory of Echoes / For the Grandson Who Did Not Choose to Stay / Returning to the Root / Small Talk at a Coffee Shop in Montparnasse / Songs For My Children / Studies for Poetry / The Canon of the Way and of Virtue

A poem by Maiana Minahal

A poem by Ian Rosales Casocot
How to Look at an Email Bride Sighing Hope of Love in an Internet Cafe

Three poems by Santiago Villafania
Urduja / to doveglion / Talam-asin 1324

A poem by Rick Barot
Bonnard's Garden


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