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Welcome to my lair. There are many things to be found here, click on the button to go to the section that interests you.

Please check back periodically as I am constantly adding new content.

This site is, of course, under constant construction. If some of the pages look like they haven't been finished yet, it's because they haven't.

Here's where I spout off about things. I give my opinions about whatever strikes my fancy.

This is a collection of inspiring stories, poems and parables. I hope that they touch your heart or at least make you think.

Here I have a collection of jokes and humorous anecdotes that I've come across.

One of my all time favorite hobbies is reading. Here are some of my recommendations for sites relating to some of my favorite authors.

The greatest thing to ever happen in my life was to become a father. I never would have been able to accomplish that without having my kids. Click here to see and learn a little bit about them.

Do you like trivia? Here I have hundreds of obscure facts that I hope will entertain you and enable you to amaze your friends.

Here I have a list of sites belonging to some of my friends. Stop by their pages and check them out. Tell em Phil sent ya.

And for those that might be interested, here's a little bit about me.

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