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Personal Touch is not your typical crowded training facility. It is your "home away from home". Since you are always with a personal trainer and completely in a private atmosphere, there is no waste of time waiting on equipment or anyone watching you train. This allows the client to relax and focus 100% on achieving their goals.

At Personal Touch we don't just train clients, we also educate them. Everyone is taught the importance of improving their overall health, reducing stress and the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

Many trainers fear that educating a client will cause them to go to a local facility and implement what they have taught without the assistance of the trainer. We at Personal Touch don't look at this as a fear but as an accomplishment. It is rewarding to know that someone gained the knowledge to train on their own and to have the confidence that what they are implementing is not only effective for their goals, but also safe.

As a result, our enviroment is motivating and non-intimidating. We work hard to motivate our clients to pursue realistic goals and goals that can fit into each individuals personal schedule and way of life.
Catering to the specific health & fitness needs of busy individuals. Personal Touch is the most state of the art private personal training studio in the Cayman Islands. The studio utilizes top quality weight training and cardiovascular equipment.

We offer professional, experienced, certified personal training to meet all fitness levels.

Time saving effective programs is what we at Personal Touch specialize in. One of the greatest obstacles that stop individuals from implementing an exercise program in their lifestyle is time. Each year personal time for self or family gets less and less. Personal Touch specializes in designing personalized, targeted programs that allow individuals to experience benefits within the parameters that meet their specific needs. Simply put, they can get great results with minimal time invested.

We offer one-on-one private personal training, couples training sessions, and nutritional guidance.
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