Diego Coruña's Commemorative Coin Collection
      ¡Hola!  I am Diego Coruña, a young coin collector residing in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  This site is an online catalogue covering the pieces in my numismatic collection.  It is also designed to be a general Internet resource for Philippine commemoratives, since nearly every item listed on these pages is accompanied with a detailed description (including specifications, mintage figures [when available], designs and inscriptions, etc.).  To view them, click on the links found at the right-hand side of this page.  No photographs have been uploaded yet; I’m afraid I don’t have enough web-space for them at the moment.  All coins are sorted into categories and arranged by date, with newer issues at the top.

      I specialise in commemorative coins issued by the Republic of the Philippines, with particular emphasis on precious-metal strikes (i.e. gold and silver).  Nearly all of the pieces in my collection are proofs — the government rarely issues precious-metal commemoratives in uncirculated condition — and virtually all of them were minted within the last forty years.  With mintage figures ranging from as few as 1,000 pieces and rarely exceeding 5,000 (whether for gold or silver), Philippine commemoratives are among the rarest of their kind in the world.

      In addition to those from the Philippines, I also have a small number of commemoratives issued by other countries.  Every country represented by at least one piece in my collection is given a webpage of its own.
NOTE:  I am NOT a coin dealer.  None of the information on this site should be interpreted as an offer to buy or sell.
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